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blogMarch 8th 2023 • 2 m read

Towards equality through equity

Celebrating International Women's Day can spark interesting debate as we consider why there is still a need to highlight gender-based inequalities. The responses from team members with diverse backgrounds and cultures have provided thought-provoking insight into what 'equality' can look like for differing people, emphasising the importance of introducing 'equity' into this dialogue. Recognising our differences and making sure that everyone has the same opportunities for success.

Equity means fairness and justice - recognizing that everyone should be given what they need in order for them to succeed, regardless of their starting point or circumstance.

We started the conversation with what does equity mean to you?

Equity means telling girls and women they can choose any career, any lifestyle. There is no "man path" or "woman path", there is only the "human path". We are equal. We can do and achieve anything we want‘

‘Equity means a world where a father takes paternity leave to take care for his new-born child to let his wife to grasp a one-in-a-lifetime career opportunity.‘

‘Equity means the absence of rivalry amongst teammates pursuing the same goal"

“Equity means allowing everyone the opportunity to do their best work by creating a flexible working environment based on the individual’s personal needs while ensuring business needs are met”

‘Equity means stepping out of your comfort zone to empower people you wouldn’t usually gravitate towards”

‘Equity means equal conditions for the women and men, keeping the remote work environment flexible, comfortable and inclusive.’

‘Equity means embracing diverse backgrounds creating an inclusive culture working towards meaningful outcomes benefiting everyone.’

‘Equity means more and more women in tech. I see how their success inspires future generations to become brilliant developers, skillful DevOps, and outstanding AI engineers. The industry that used to be considered male, is becoming a fair field for everybody interested. ‘

‘Equity means putting plans in place to have more women at the table"

‘Equity means a world where a high-school girl who likes racing cars and robotics, would decide to become an electric car mechanic instead of pursuing a career more stereotypically suited for women and resulting in one more enthusiastic specialist to help you with your car and one less frustrated and burnt-out unfulfilled woman “

‘Equity means it should be a natural part of society, done without thinking. I am from a generation where female leaders were not something special, but are absolutely normal. For most of my adulthood my country was run by a very strong and smart woman. And although I am aware that there is still a pay gap and we haven't reached full equity yet, in my personal world, woman are 100% equal to men and both sexes bring essential benefits to society."

Equity is about recognizing our differences and making sure that everyone has the same opportunities for success. It's a way of working towards a more harmonious, equitable environment in which everyone feels welcome and seen. Equity is less about forcing people into a specific box or role, but rather giving them freedom and autonomy to do their best work and exploring what works best for everyone involved.

In the end, equity means creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can thrive regardless of background or circumstance and continuing the dialogue so that we can keep educating each other.